Our Staff

Zeus. Little Louie, Hunter & Daisy.

The Staff

L to R: Zeus, de Boss!   Little Louie, Junior Editor & Terminator!  Hunter, Human Resources! Daisy, Promo Queen! 

My Story

My husband and I retired to the Nature Coast of Florida, an area that provides amazing nature and beauty. The feel of Old Florida surrounding us is truly tranquil. 

We have an abundance  of springs and rivers, and the Gulf of Mexico to explore and wildlife to discover. Manatees, known as the gentle giants, are at home at our coast. My love of flowers growing in our garden, watching birds and hummingbirds  and acres to roam with our poodles makes me want to recreate it on a canvas.

The painting bug bit me after attending a painting fundraiser for Florida Poodle Rescue.

Our poodles, two of them rescues, Zeus, Daisy, Little Louie and Hunter  are my constant assistants in the studio, usually lazily napping under my feet or desk or easel - you might get the idea. 

They inspire me daily.

Paint and Poodle On! Evi


My Experience

 My passion drives me to participate in classes where I continue to grow my art. 

My love for colors and the whimsical shows in many of my paintings. 

It's a happy place to be. 

I am delighted to work with you to bring your thoughts and ideas to life on a canvas of your choice.


My Rainbow Vision

 If I was a pet on my final journey this is what I would see  

- not the end, but a wonderful new  beginning -

A beautiful walk across the bridge into the colorful rainbow. 

An Angel reaching out leading me into a land of forever health, love, and play with others gone before me. 

I leave my human family behind but only for a short time until they join me in my paradise of vibrant happiness, laughter, and joy!

My first remembrance piece was for a friend of mine, her little dog on a favorite blanket cuddled and happy. 

This was another beginning for me as an artist. 

I loved the idea of creating something special that means so much for loved ones left behind.

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